Infinitton Q&A (Hardware)

Q. When plug-in Infinitton to the computer it show “IDISPLAY” removable disk Can it be use as storage disk? A. The IDSIPLAY removable disk does not support storage function, please DO NOT SAVE any important files into the disk. Q. What happen when I accidentally delete the files within the IDISPLAY removable disk? A. Just replug the Infinitton everything will be back to default setting. Q. What happened when Infinitton plug into the computer it shows all WHITE on the keyboard? A. The Infinitton require 5V/350 mA on power, when Infinitton display WHITE on the keyboard this mean the power is not enough please try other USB 2.0 port on the computer. Q. Why the Infinitton keyboard is flashes and looks like unstable? A. When discover the Infinitton is flashes this mean the USB port you are using is incomplete contact with the Infinitton USB plug. The Infinitton require USB2.0 port, we recommend using USB2.0 port on your computer. If you have any questions or continue to encounter difficulties, please contact us by email.