Infinitton Q&A (Software)

Q. What type of image format does software support? A. Infinitton support the following file types:

1. Infinitton Smart Editor for MAC: BMP, GIF(First Image), JPEG, JPF, PDF(First Image), PNG, PSD, TGA, TIFF. 2. Infinitton Smart Editor for PC: BMP, JPEG, JPG, JPE, PNG Q. Does Infinitton support energy saving mode? A. Infinitton support 2 ways of energy saving mode:

1. The Infinitton will turn off the display for energy saving once it detected the computer is on sleep mode, by press any key on the Infinitton to wake the computer.

2. User can manually adjust the backlight under backlight setting.

Q. My Virus Protection Software is telling me that Infinitton smart editor is contain virus?

A. The Infinitton software does not contain virus please go to the "Virus Protection Software" setting to add the Infinitton software in the exclusion list. Therefore, Infinitton software will not be damaged. However, if the Infinitton software is been accidentally delete by the "Virus Protection Software" please uninstall the Infinitton software and install the Infinitton software again.

Q. How to get the application running?

A. The application is design as a background software. When launch the application it will be appear an "In" icon at top right of the menu bar. click on it to enter the setting windows.

For window user the software icon will be located on the button right of the screen.

Q. How to setup Hotkey? A. Infinitton smart editor provide 2 way to setup the Hotkey.

1. Simple Hotkey is design for 3 keys of combinations ex. control+alt+del.

2. Marco is design for 4 keys of combination. ex. ⌘ + option + shift + delete

Q. How to setup Marco? A. Macro is decomposition of key press action. The key action can be set as > Key down (holding the key) > Click (press one time) > Key up (release the key) ex. creating a 4 keys combination hotkey ⌘ + option + shift > key down delete > click ⌘ + option + shift > key up * When creating a KEY DOWN action, Remember to create a KEY UP action

Q. How to setup application Condition correctly on PC?

A. To find the right application location on your PC please follow the step below:

1. Open the application you would like to set

2. Press control + alt + delete

3. Select task manger

4. Select the application click on more detail

5. Select the application > Right click > Go to detail

6. Right click on the application selection > Open file location

7. Copy the PATH

8. Open Infinitton smart editor > Click on condition setting > Paste the PATH

9. Select the application as condition

Q. How to edit the keys? A. Infinitton smart editor for MAC provide 3 way of edit the key 1. Click mode: New Layout > Click on key > Image Setting > Image file > Select Image 2. Drag&drop mode: Drag and drop the image on the key. 3. Copy&past mode: Click on the key press command+c, press command+v to past the key. * Infinitton smart editor for PC only support "Click mode". Q. Why is Infinitton went black after press the Save&Exit button? A. Infinitton smart editor for PC(v1.21) is design when there is no condition been set by the user the LAST LAYOUT ON THE LIST will be automatic set as the default layout. Infinitton smart editor for MAC(v1.2) to change your default layout just tick the “set as default” box next to the layout you would like to set it as default. If you have any questions or continue to encounter difficulties, please contact us by email.