This is


The smartest screen keyboard in the world.

The moment you use infinitton, you know you’ve never felt anything like it. With a single press, infinitton lets you do more than ever before.


The most colorful display keyboard.


Programmable keys

16 millions colors

72 by 72 pixels each key

ARM Chip

USB 2.0

plug & play


& NAND flash

The most powerful chip
ever in a keyboard.


It delivers performance once found only in smart phone. The ARM chip brings you spectacular speed and responsiveness. Making it a mighty chip for maximum performance on a smart keyboard. 



The world's most advanced keyboard application.


ISE is the application that powers every Infinitton. It lets you do things you simply can’t with other keyboard. That’s because it’s designed specifically for the hardware it runs on — and vice versa. So your Infinitton works like magic to the way you wanted.


Store an organized group of key actions. Set application condition to enable folder layout auto switch.


Execute an application, file, folder path and command-line.


A combination of keys used together to perform a task or function on the operating system or applications.


Search the web and navigate the site. Recall your favorite sites from browser bookmarks.


A sequence of commands or keyboard strokes stored in the assigned key.

Text String

A sequence of characters defined by users. Text string can be text message, source code, or script.

Compatible with your operating systems

Windows 10 (64-bit)

macOS 10.12



They signify that Infinitton sold in the United States of America, European Economic Area and Taiwan have been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.


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